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  Providing Military Veterans psycho-logical Independent Medical Evaluations.  
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  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD
  • Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI
  • Military Sexual Trauma, MST
  • Depression
  • Anxiety


  • Review of Medical Records
  • Identify Service Connections
  • Correct Diagnosis
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • VA disability appeals



Veteran Psychological Evaluations,
PTSD Evaluations & VA Disability Appeals

A recent veteran recommendation:

“Extremely Helpful Independent Medical Opinion”

“Dr. Valette's IMO/Nexus Statement far exceeded my expectations! He thoroughly examined my records and didn't miss a thing. All of his opinions were backed by undeniable rationales. The first time that I read it, a massive weight was lifted from my shoulders. Dr. Valette's report was evident of his psychiatric expertise as well as his acute awareness of what the VA requires of this type of evidence.”

D.P. (U,S. Army Veteran)

As experts in providing a veteran disability evaluation, a VA disability appeal, a veteran PTSD evaluation, or an independent medical opinion and DBQ’s, we work with military veterans to get the psychological benefits they deserve from the VA.

Dr. Brett Valette with Veterans Psych Evaluations is a credentialed veteran evaluation services psychologist. Since 1998, he has performed independent disability and veteran psychological evaluations for more than 22,000 individuals. Dr. Valette performs a psychological evaluation, or a review of medical records for individuals who are applying for, or who have been denied benefits by the VA. If you have been misdiagnosed, told your conditions weren’t service connected (not related), or had your rating suddenly reduced, then Dr. Valette wants to speak with you.

While the VA will accept veteran disability reports from independent doctors, those doctors need to be well versed in the VA terminology and the VA system. If a veteran submits a report or DBQ without the proper VA terms and legal statements, the Appeals Board will throw out the evaluation. With his extensive experience working with the VA, and with the training and experience he has received over the years, Dr. Valette’s disability reports, Independent Medical Opinions, and DBQ’s all contain the proper VA terminology that help Veterans win their cases and receive the benefits they deserve.

Dr. Valette performs in-depth reviews of medical records, looking for missing links, misdiagnosis, and missed clinical information, which is pertinent information for your VA psychological evaluation. He is an expert at identifying the most relevant information for a veteran PTSD evaluation, VA disability evaluation, an independent medical opinion, or veteran psychological evaluation. He works with veterans to gather all the relevant facts needed for VA claims.

Thousands of veterans each year have their claims denied because of misdiagnoses, a lack of medical evidence in their records, a lack of service connection, or in some cases an inexperienced VA doctor. If you’ve had your claim or appeal denied, contact Dr. Valette at Veterans Psych Evaluations. His expertise and experience with the VA can help you get your denial overturned.

Veterans, the first step is to complete the Inquiry Form so we can start working together for your benefit!

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