Veterans Psych Evaluations

Articles & Resources

There are numerous references and resources we have found helpful for veterans.

For many questions and issues regarding the VA and veterans concerns is an excellent resource and correctly labeled “America’s leading resource for Military Veterans news and benefits information”.
Information from how to file a claim to a discussion of terms and benefits are detailed at this site.

Of course, there is lots of information on the VA website:



For information on getting a medical - physical IME: Dr. Craig Bash

Wounded Warrior Project, supports veterans once they return home:

Quit Smoking Community's guide to tobacco addiction amongst veterans:

A helpful resource for veterans struggling with substance abuse issues on Addiction Resource

Dr. Valette works in collaboration with Dr. Bash, a physician who specializes in medical and physical IME’s. Many Vets get an IME from Dr. Valette for the psychological disabilities and an IME from Dr. Bash for the physical disabilities. Both reports are submitted for the Veteran’s claim as needed.


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