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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a review of medical records entail?
Medical records are sent to Dr. Valette for evaluation and review. As a clinical detective, he knows how to find the missing links and information needed to make proper diagnosis of your condition and provide evidence for service connection and also establish “new material evidence” to help your claim.This can be done for any veteran in any state, or internationally.

How is service connection identified?
Many veterans have been misdiagnosed, symptoms ignored or not documented, or a timeframe has not been established. Sometimes the VA will deny service connection because your injury occurred during service, but no symptoms were documented until years after discharge. This is when you need a highly experienced clinician who knows about the ‘progressive course of injury and symptom expression.’ This type of delay in symptoms is seen frequently in PTSD, MST, anxiety disorders and brain injury. If this is true for you, Dr. Valette will find these mistakes in your history and make corrections so you can get the benefits you earned.

What can be done to correct a diagnosis that may be incorrect?

Clinical expertise is crucial when diagnosing psychological conditions. Dr. Valette is an expert diagnostician. For some veterans he may need to talk to you. However, for many others, there are clear symptoms in your records that have been ignored.

Where and how do you perform psychological evaluations?

Depending on the need for each veteran, there may be cases where a psychological evaluation and/or testing is indicated to help your claim and your diagnosis. Dr. Valette is licensed in many states and can talk with you about that as needed. If a full diagnostic evaluation is needed then you can also make arrangements to meet in a state that Dr. Valette is licensed in.

In submitting a VA disability appeal, how does a report from Veterans Psych Evaluations help?
Finding “new material evidence” can be the key to getting a correct rating or to reverse a denial of your claim. Dr. Valette will expertly examine your records looking for misdiagnosis, ignored clinical information or inconsistencies in past C & P exams. These issues will be in his report to support your appeal.

Can a civilian doctor perform an evaluation that will be accepted by the VA?
However, that civilian doctor needs to be well versed in the VA system, processes, legal terminology and criteria for the claims to be supported and taken seriously by the VA. Many reports done by civilian psychologists will get tossed out by the VA because that psychologist doesn’t know the necessary and critical VA legal terms to use in the reports. Most civilian psychologists do not know how to support the rating with clinical evidence and understand the strict and complex rating criteria for veterans claims. If the VA tosses out your “new material evidence” due to a poor quality report, due to improper terms, an incomplete report, or the clinician’s inexperience with VA protocol, your case becomes more complicated which increases the difficulty in getting you the correct and proper rating. That negatively effects your future benefits!

Will the VA deny a report submitted by a doctor from out of my state?
The VA accepts reports from doctors in any state.

Can you help with getting a ratings increase if I am already rated through the VA?
YES! Many of you have this concern. You received a rating, but feel it is not accurate for your disability, or the rating is going to be lowered, and you feel that is not accurate. Dr. Valette can review your medical records, personal statements from you, your family and employers, and provide you with a clinically supported rating that is a true and accurate reflections of your disability.

Is there a fee for your service? Does the VA pay any part of this?
I'm a licensed psychologist and I work full time for Veterans. I make my living by helping vets with their benefits and claims. This is my profession, this is my livelihood. The fee will vary based on what you need. You will be given the quote of the flat fee ahead of time, and there are no additional costs.
The VA does not pay anything for an Independent Medical Opinion and report.
In fact, I think the VA would love it if I went away! But I'm not. I'm here for you.
The fee ensures that you are getting an excellent report based on my excellent reputation and experience.
My reports and nexus letters get results.

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